Be Fit. Be Positively Independent, Naturally Active and Youthful at any age.

Monday, July 20, 2015


In my personal journey, I realized that most women are intimidated with the thought of working out and being “fit”.  

My inner circle, my most loved Pinays.
The hand that can change the world
There has always been that misconception that, women will have a muscular frame if they start working on their fitness.

This of course in not true and we, as Pinays, need to be focusing on self-care in order to be able to give more of ourselves to our loved ones.

We, Pinays, can help make a difference as the “ilaw ng tahanan”. 

I want to help inform that these are just myths, along with many other myths.

I believe that, even small tweaks can make a difference.

We need to be a good example for the next generation.

I believe that the hand that rocks the cradle, can change the world.


The vision is for everyone to say that “I am the embodiment of PinayFitness”.

I envision for this site to be for like-minded Pinays helping each other reach their goals, enjoying each other’s victories, and small wins in their own sports or LIFE in general.

Imagine a world of Pinays that are Positively Independent, Naturally Active, & Youthful at any age.

How do you think the next generation would be if that was the case?

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