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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

5 THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU ARE SICK (and how to use it to your advantage)

It all starts with that scratchy feeling in your throat.
You try to alleviate it by slowly coughing it out -- surprisingly, you catch yourself sneezing.. a few sniffles, then non-stop.. a start of what seems to be a small headache, slowly developing.

Uh-oh! The pattern begins.  Every now and then, that ever familiar sickness hits us.
What do we do? All I can think of is calling my mom and drinking a hot bowl of comforting chicken soup.

Below is a list of what I have learned during my recent sickness and how to get through it like a pro.

1st, Listen to your body.

You probably had it over-worked and it needed some rest and recovery.
Even machines need to rest for optimal performance and time resting is never time wasted.
Rest and sleep is not the enemy - I always have to convince myself that it is actually part of the equation.
Take a sick day, call and visit your doctor, have someone cover for you and slow down.
Sometimes, having all these wonderful ideas floating in our head gets us so excited with LIFE that we forget the one important thing; rest/recovery cycle.


                                                       "Mother, mother, I am sick.."

2nd, Hydrate.

I remember feeling nauseous during my down-time together with chills and fever, drinking water definitely helps in clearing out the toxins, secretions and normalizing body temperature.

I had the mistake of drinking coffee when I was on my way to recovery and it was not a good feeling as the system wanted to vomit it all out -- not a good idea. 

However, broth, fruit juices, electrolytes from sports drinks and natural fruits can help a lot to maintain hydration.
                                                                     Relax and hydrate

3rd, Vitamin C.

Do you know that we humans, do not have the ability to produce Vitamin C?
While other animals can do so, we are one of the few mammals that's unable to manufacture it in our liver - that being said, we have to get our source from what we eat or from supplementation.

Linus Pauing, the only person who had won two undivided Nobel Prizes, suggested that, we need somewhere between 2,000 to 18,000 mg of Vitamin C!
However, it has been a common knowledge that the usual dose is 500 mg or so. 

With this in mind, we have to be constantly aware that, since we do not produce it ourselves, we need it in our lives. Daily. 

4th, De-stress.

Now is the time to take things slow --
Disconnect from social media and spend much needed "me-time"
Listen to relaxing music, create a wellness playlist. 

Do the things that bring you joy.  
Maybe it's painting, drawing, crochet  -- or even just writing down your thoughts in a journal.  You'd be surprise how time flies.

Play with colors, paint, or simply just have fun.

5th, Use the time to reflect on how you can make things better once you get well.

Lying in bed the whole day and the next day and more, makes me want to do so much more once I get well. Various thoughts, all these resolutions on how I should start working on a night routine, how I should do a shutdown around 10:30pm so I can sleep properly, how I should religiously be working out everyday.

Funny how being sick brings out the best (and worst) in you -- how you suddenly have all these ideas that tend to just be swept under the rug when you are not sick.

You tend to miss the things you used to do when you were healthy once you're sick.
I even reflected on how my dad probably felt during his pain when he was sick.

We should never take for granted our health and take some time to do one little thing at a time to avoid these things from happening.

What if we regularly scheduled time to do the things that we need to do to sustain our health?

Then maybe if we do so, when life calls for us to listen, slow down, destress and reflect, it would help us enjoy the life we have left and give back what we have to others.

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