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Thursday, January 18, 2018


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This year, I turn 49. 
A year shy of 50.

One more year, and I reach another milestone.
Half a century. That sounds like a lot of years.

Back then, I was excited how it would be like when I reach that age.

Now that I’m actually nearing it, I realized that it’s only exciting if you took the time to prepare for it.

As an advocate of fitness, it has been more than a decade that I have been sharing my thoughts on the subject.   

It was during the early 2000s when a realization kicked in.  I was not happy with where I was and I need to work on improving myself and my life.

Back then, at 32, and a mother of four girls, one might say that it was a bit late.

Fitness helped me out. 

35 and doing Urban Assaults
Running eased my mind and eventually, I started joining road races with my first 10k run, New Balance’ Road to Chicago nearly two decades ago. Apparently, it was my Road to Freedom without me knowing it. 

Two years after, the weight room and lifting heavy caught my attention.

This then lead to competing for adventure races at the age of 35 with my team mates, mostly a decade younger. 

This got me inspired to compete and won a few mountain bike races at 36.

After office weekdays, we rode the bus to far off places to compete, and since the sport was quite new, it felt good to bring home the medal after an event. 

At 45, I joined International Dragon boat Competitions (proud Phil Marine Corps DBT signal here!)

I am thankful that, despite considered late, I was able to be aware about how fitness can benefit a person in their lives.

45, competing with the Philippine Marine Corps Dragonboat Team

Fitness had also helped me not only physically but emotionally and mentally. 

Along with improving strength (the physique actually came in as a bonus), there were things that I realized along the way. 

These “life lessons” that I manage to accumulate, is helpful not only on the gym floor but also in real life.

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As I settle into January and start my 2018, I break ties with some of my bad old habits (I need to sleep before 12MN!), and begin to make new ones that support where I want to go this year.

My dear friends, I invite you all to revisit your goals, bucket lists and plans.

Asses where you are right now before you get swamped with things that needs to be done.

A new year is another milestone.

A new phase, a new stage, an opportunity to start new things because, it’s never too late to make your own milestone and know that the best is yet to come.

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