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Saturday, February 3, 2018


Adventure Racing. Any one of you heard about it?

I remember more than a decade ago, I have been active in the Adventure Racing Community, competing against other athletes as part of various sponsored teams (Toyota, All-Terra, Ingen, etc).  
The goal is to have fun and make sure that the team gets its "Podium Finish" for our sponsors.

Adventure Racing, had me traveling the archipelago.

It's all about experiencing mental and physical challenge amidst the wonderful backdraft of majestic mountain view, the windmills of Pagudpod, Baguio's high altitude winding roads, rappelling through mountains, buildings and walls, even biking through the busy street of the metro to go from one check point to the other.

I haven't been hearing much about Adventure Racing lately, so, imagine my surprise when Scribe, the event sponsor of the Planner Community that I am in, suddenly decided to do a Scavenger Hunt / Adventure Race in the mall we were in (SM Aura).

We were given one map per team, a yellow envelope with a clue that leads us to the first CP (checkpoint) and were instructed to bring our notebook / journal, The Hobonichi Techo.

The event was a launch for the Traveling Hobonichi PH Edition.
The team showcasing the Traveling Hobonichi PH's first entry.
The team consist of 5 people; Ira, Dea, Rhea, Vera and myself.

The Hobonichi Planner community is a closely knit group, and we interact online on our facebook group
Hobonichi Users PH. It was easy to just group together on the spot and when the hunt started, we were off to find every clue and do every task required. 

We were apprehended by SM Aura mall guards, ran through the stairs instead of using the escalator, went up the 5th level Sky Park, then down to the Tarsier sculpture then up to the 4th lever for our favorite happy place, Scribe.

Every task was written down in my A6 Hobonichi Techo. 
1) A quote about travel
2) Doddle of each members and characteristics
3) A team mantra

What a way to document the day! I also am keeping the map we used. 
It may not be The Marauder's Map, but this took us to places unexpected, challenging us to go beyond ourselves to complete the task as a team!              

First ever entry for the Traveling Hobonichi PH

This is the end product of the team that weaved through the weekend Aura crowd, and security checks as we hunted for clues

The team, was tasked to design for the first ever entry of the Traveling Hobonichi Philippines 2018

Indeed, it took a lot of courage before we "Turn the page to a new year".

Not quite Check point 1 LOL

The first challenge was to the place where we started and look for something colorful.

Initially, we all thought, it was the registration booth. 

After seconds of hunting, we realized that, we have to move on and find it elsewhere -- we were required to do a selfie in each stop -- here, was the "Colorful" Koi / Zig table attempt, still not the right one -- off to the next! 

Check point 1

CP # 1

We finally got it right!

We were required to make a team logo using ALL 5 COLORS. 

Whew! We quickly combined all our names and connected it to form a circle.. then drew a flower in the middle.. well, because, Girl Power, right? 😂 off to the next!

Check point 2

The message in the yellow envelope says that we have to look for a place that has an artist mural and it has movement but is not moving (not the exact words,since I don't have the clue with me anymore! :) )-

The team figured, it's the escalator -- we did not expect it to be the next level up, and the escalator was full.. so.. we ran up the stairs!

 First shot was a fail, since the admin was not included... but here goes.. (Yup! we ran up THOSE stairs)        

Check point 2 with Helen


For real. 🤪🤪🤪

Admin Helen for the official groufie entry.
We were tasked to create and write a quote about travel in our Hobonichi.

"Traveling is fun with friends" was quickly scribbled and off we went to the next!

Checkpoint 3 with Rej and Ellie


We were running down the stairs to look for the next checkpoint, when we realized that the "place where children play" is actually in the opposite direction! 

We had to make a turn around, hoping that the other team had not reached there first.. the stairs were a faster alternative than the escalator albeit longer.

The Skypark, the mall's rooftop garden, was the next CP. Admin Rej and Ellie.

Check point 4 with Karen

From the rooftop, the next clue was to go to a place where you can find the smallest mammal with biggest eyes. 

Scanning through my mental database, one word came to mind TARSIER. 

Vaguely remembering that there was that big tarsier sculpture at the entrance, the team ran down and headed to the main entrance, across Market Market.

Admin Karen was waiting for us.

We were tasked to create a Team Mantra, write it down in the Hobonichi and shout it out "NO HOARDING, JUST USING" , doesn't make sense? 

Well, after going up and down the stairs (instead of the escalator), evading security guards and doing all these crazy stuff, what does? 

Not quite Check point 5

Looking for CP#5.

The team initially thought that the last checkpoint was at the event grounds.

From ground floor, we ran up the stairs to Aura's 3rd Level back to the event area. 

Admin Michelle was wondering what the fuss is about, when, suddenly, a realization came. 


One more level, and we're bringing home the bacon!

After the final task, as documented here. We were tasked to deliver a box to the event grounds.

What's in the box? 
You guessed it -- The Traveling Hobonichi!
We were then tasked to design the first page as a team -- that kicked-off the launch of the first ever Traveling Hobonichi, Philippine Edition <3

The experience had most of us realize what we need to improve on for ourselves.
For me, I need to be more consistent with my workouts. For others, they realized that they need to find ways to go back. 

We all realized the importance of how teamwork can bring us together to reach a goal (Congratulations to the team!), and how important it is for us to be equipped for the role entrusted to us.

It's all all about knowing what's important to you.

If it's important to you, you'll find a way.  If it's not, you'll find excuses. 

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