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Monday, July 2, 2018

Nine Ways to Sleep Better

It's past midnight and my mind is going haywire. 

Ideas keep popping up in my head and I wonder, "Why now? Just when I should be getting my recovery .. I can't seem to settle down and sleep."

No it's not about worries and anxiety (I guess). It's just things floating in my mind.

For the past two years, sleep has been eluding me and I know that, this is not a good thing.

Capturing the moment. Me trying to sleep.

Twenty four.

That’s the number of hours given to us to play around with within a set day.

The number of hours we can play with before the day ends, before the time to rest and recover begins.

Sometimes, we feel that we have so much stuff in our plate that we consider sleep as a nuisance. However, we need to be aware that good, high-quality, restful sleep would help in your weight loss quest, improve muscle mass while improving over-all mood and suppressing appetite.  

Sleep also important for the healing and repairing of your heart and blood vessels after a heavy tiring day and helps strengthen your immune system specially during the stressful days that we may be encountering. I have read that, sleep deprived individuals are more likely to gain than those who had around seven hours of sleep per night, and that would definitely sabotage our goals if it happens to be weight loss.

Here are some tips how we can get that much needed sleep and optimize our body’s recovery time.
Here comes the sun!
  • Enjoy the sunlight!  Bright sunlight in the morning and time outside during daylight helps regulate your hormones by boosting the amount of raw material needed to make the sleep hormone, melatonin.
  • Spending time for a vigorous exercise daily would help you get your much needed sleep, but remember to do so not at the expense of your sleep.
  • Track how you react to coffee or green tea and see how it may affect sleep. 
  • Have an evening routine. One of my best ways to relax is to write on my journal and work on my gratitude list, contemplating on the “Wins for the day” and thankful for the opportunity to grow.
  • Social media can be addictive, but discipline is key. Stop staring at your phone, tv or ipad at least half an hour before going to sleep – white light shut off your melatonin production and you need it in order to sleep.

Photo from the net
  • Stick to the same sleep schedule to regulate your body clock.
  • Make your room as comfortable as possible. Dim the lights, use dark heavy curtains and lower the room temperature.
  • Harness the aroma therapeutic benefits of essential oils such as Lavender, Cedarwood and Frankincense. Ever since I have been adding diffusion in my evening routine, I have been experiencing restful sleep. I love  and it works amazing! * See how my Dessert Mist Diffuser works in my IG *
  • Track your sleep and see how it corresponds with your mood. 

With all these tips on how to manage our sleep, let us be good stewards of our time by allocating at least the 6-8 hours of the twenty four hours given to us.

Sweet dreams! 

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