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Monday, August 6, 2018

5 Surefire Ways to Get Back On Track and Stay On Track

As I enter a new month, I realized that I have conquered the half-way mark in my fitness journey for this year. 

It's been good so far, however, there are times that I feel like I’m caught in a rut, going round in circles, not getting anywhere in my goals. 
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This tends to be very frustrating for me. 
So, how do you tackle this scenario that’s pulling you down? 

I have listed down some specific action steps that I would follow when I start asking myself “What’s holding you back?”  

Try it out for yourself and tell me how it had helped.

      1. IDENTIFY IT.

You wanted to get back in shape, you tried, and somewhere along the way, something went wrong.
Did you get sick and had a hard time going back? 
Did you binge eat during your reunion or your birthday? 
Creating art  can be a form of brainstorming.

Did you suddenly feel that you’ve lost your motivation?

Put in on paper, that way, it would be easier for you to see how it all started.


Think about your past experiences with fitness, and list down everything that did not go along as planned.
Doodle if you must, just think, and learn from it. 

Usually, there’s a reason or two that triggered it. 

It may be an issue on poor time management, loss of focus, or just plain laziness. 

Fitness is a journey of self-awareness. The earlier you pinpoint it, the better.


This is a familiar scenario – sometimes, I find myself working on my fitness goals, then, without realizing it, BOOM! I sabotaged my progress.
Bike ride to the gym.

For me, this usually takes the form of a slice of a blueberry cheesecake or a whole bag of chips. Sounds familiar? 

There are lots of reasons why that happens, and almost all of them have to do with past experiences, negative self-talk and toxic beliefs.
We need to sort this out so that the sabotaging behavior can be stopped.

Connect the dots backward and figure out what went wrong – maybe you just need to try a different method, or attack a previous method from a different perspective.


Once you figure out the habits that is sabotaging you, focus on doing the replacement habits every time the triggers happen. 

Look for current habits of things you already do without fail, and use them as a reminder for those you would like to build up again.
In the cheesecake example, I could replace that with a delicious salad offering at my favorite coffee shop. Snacking with fruits rather than chips would be another replacement.
Planning the work and working the plan.

Another thing for me, is that, I enjoy looking at the sunset in our balcony. I could incorporate movement of doing 30 reps of squats after the sun sets, or maybe that bike ride that goes directly to the gym.

It may sound crazy, but you all know what I mean.

Do this for 30 days until it becomes a new habit with the existing trigger.


Now that you’ve figured it out, time to roll-up your sleeves and make sure it won’t take you down again and hold you back like it used to. 
Make a schedule and stick with it.  This would be a perfect time to write down your plan, monitor and track your progress.

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Fitness demands a change in your mindset and what we are working on is a lifestyle, not just a short term temporary fix to look better in front of the mirror.

With this in mind, I can be assured that, the more I stay true in my fitness journey, the more self-aware I am to handle various challenges that I may face in my day to day activities.

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5 Surefire Ways to Get Back On Track and Stay On Track

As I enter a new month, I realized that I have  conquered the half-way mark in my fitness journey for this year.  It's been goo...