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Friday, August 31, 2018

Three Tips to Keep In Shape During the 'Ber Months

Image from Lio Mangubat's blog. 
Merry Christmas!

As early as this month, I have been hearing our neighbor playing low-key Christmas Songs, but, come first of September, the start of the "Ber" months signals the beginning of the Christmas season in the Philippines. 

Our country, is known to have the longest Christmas Celebration in the world, with various establishments decorating for Christmas as early as September, and yuletide tunes start playing in the background.

With the next month coming in, you'd have a good three months to prepare in in time for the Christmas season.

This is a season of endless Christmas Parties, which usually comprises of endless eat-all-you-can buffets, high school reunions and extended family get-togethers.

Brainstorm. Plan. List it down and work you plan.
It is when you get to meet various people asking probing questions and commenting on things that your closest friends wouldn't even dare ask.

It's always good to start your preparation with proper planning and some recovery / "me-time" to avoid the needless stress that is to sure to come if you enter the season unprepared. 

Check out these three reminders that would make B-E-R a thing to look forward to and December, a month full of celebration.

Be ready for unplanned events, but continue your work-outs as planned.

Indoor home workout or outdoor, you choose.
Knowing what to expect is always a good thing, however, with the upcoming season, there is a possibility of things coming up unexpectedly. 

One way to combat this is to move through out the day.

It has been a common misconception that one has to put in hour-long gym workouts to be healthy and stay on track, when all you may need to do is to move more as you through out the day. 

Simply taking a break from your desk, standing up or moving a minute every hour from your desk and adding a stretch can make a big difference.

 Having a Plan B, like, a home workout instead of traveling to the gym, a run instead of the treadmill or biking your way when doing errands would do you good during the ber months. It also is a good way to avoid the heavy traffic that is expected during the next few months.

Eat healthy

Make a list and check it twice.
Yes, a grocery list.

Having a menu plan of what to eat and what not to eat would be very helpful during these times.
As they say, you can never out-run or out-exercise a bad diet.
Diet always seem to have a negative connotation - I'd rather refer to it as "nutrion" than "diet".
Always remember that being fit is all about 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. 
Time for some zzz'z!

Choose proper nutrition and everything will follow (with regards to fitness, that is).

Rest and Recover

With all the excitement around you, Christmas Party Presentation preparations, seemingly non-stop meet ups and deadlines at work that needs to be accomplished prior to year end cut-off, it's so easy to get caught up and sacrifice the most important thing - REST.

We need to keep in mind that sleep time is precious and that it is our body's way of recovering, specially during a stressful time such as the upcoming season.

As this month ends, and we start our 100 days countdown, remember that BER Months is no excuse to get off-track as long as you keep in mind the B-E-R Strategy listed above.

Feel free to add more to the list on how to keep in shape during the holiday season in the comment section below and tell me what you think!

Happy BER Months!

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